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Cherry Lime Healthy DIY Gatorade

Sometimes we just don’t want water but need to hydrate. Im not a huge fan of many of ingredients in most store-bought electrolyte drinks so I make my own!

For this one, all you need is:

🧊 Ice

🥥 1 cup coconut water

🍋 1/4 lime juice

🍒 1/4 tart cherry juice

🍁 1 tablespoon real maple syrup

🧂 1/8 tsp Himylanin salt

A little on the ingredients + why:

🥥Coconut Water is a natural source of several important minerals + antioxidants. It is electrolyte-filled that may benefit your heart, moderate your blood sugar, help improve kidney health all while keeping you refreshed + hydrated.

🍋Lime juice not only provides the amazing flavor but also provides a massive boost of vitamin C + a little natural sugar!

🍒 Tart cherry has anti-inflammatory effects, increase the body’s melatonin levels, reducing symptoms of insomnia + can result in better quality sleep. It is also rich in a variety of nutrients that may strengthen the immune system.

🧂Salt is vital for hydration. If you lose too much salt from sweating and it is not replaced, your cells can no longer take in water or carry away waste products. Thats why you don’t want to skip the salt here!

🍁Maple Syrup not only makes this drink a bit sweet and less tart, but it also helps balance your blood sugar levels and offers helpful minerals!

If you are rapidly losing electrolytes from say sweating, exerting a ton of energy or sick 🤒 this is absolutely the drink you want!

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