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Wellness Intensive


90 minute session for go-getters

Do you have all the tools but just don't know

where to start or how to use them?

If you are:

  1. A Go Getter

  2. An Advocate for yourself

  3. Motivated

  4. Sick + tired of being sick + tired

Then this is for you! ​Unlike my 3 Month Wellness Immersion, this Intensive relies heavily on your belief in yourself. If you know you can do the work but just need support + guidance, this is the best fit for you!

If you ready to:

  1. Wake up feeling rested

  2. Stop burning out at 3pm

  3. Spend more time having fun

  4. Spend less time in discomfort

  5. Never go on another diet again

  6. Believe in yourself

Then what are you waiting for? If you show up + are 💯 honest with me, then we will elevate your life TOGETHER!​

The Choice Is Yours

Everything you need is within you!


What You Get

  • 90 minute 1:1 session (phone or video)

  • Session review notes with everything we discussed

  • 3+ goals to get yourself going

  • Recap email with recipes, resources, tips + affirmations

  • 1 week of messaging support via the Voxer app


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