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Drink Water First + Most

WATER IS SO IMPORTANT! 60% of our bodies are made of water!!6️⃣ 0️⃣!

It is recommended that we drink half our body weight in ounces.

💦 Weight in lbs ÷ 2 = your goal water intake for the day in ounces.

You may have heard of drinking a gallon or 8 glasses a day is ideal, but all of our bodies are different sizes! We need a different amount of water.

But how do you get that all in?

💧 Kickstarted your day by drinking a bunch of water right when you woke up!

I am serious on this one! Once you’ve gotten out of bed, head to the kitchen. Drink a big glass of water. Yes, even before your coffee or tea. Your body has been sleeping for let’s assume a healthy 8 hours. Either way, its been sleeping + your body was busy at work all night unpacking the night before + getting ready for today so REPLENISH YOUR TEMPLE FRIEND!!!

💧 Once you drink your coffee or tea, drink water BEFORE reaching for your second cup

💧 Once you finish any other drink, drink water

💧 FIT IT IN!! It will fly by faster than you think

Keep your water nearby all the time. I find myself drinking the most when I am driving.

Remember, water helps:

💧 Boost your energy level - dehydrated people are tired

💧 Enhance your brain function - they have a hard time thinking

💧 Increase your physical strength - dehydrated people feel weak

💧 Aid in preventing headaches

💧 Promotes regular BMs - peace out ✌️ constipation

💧 Supports healthy kidney function - people can get kidney stones from not drinking enough (I HAVE - ask me about it)

💧 Aids in healthy weight management - because it helps move your food through your body + hydrates your cells and your skin

💧 Keeps your skin healthy!! - no cracks here! Water is natures best wrinkle treatment too

👉 So why wouldn’t you drink it?

Other notable things about drinking water:

💧 AVOID plastic (even BPA free plastic) at all costs. Drink out of stainless steel or glass!

💧 Filter your water! I use to be a Tap Water advocate but then I realized what it had in it!! GO find out what is in your water at I personally use a Berkey Water Filter.

Watch this reel to see how I really feel about drinking anything before water in the morning 😂 .

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