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Your Personalized Guide to Wellness 

Are you ready to ditch a life full of symptoms

for a life full of living? 

Are you done:

  1. Accepting your symptoms as normal and just dealing with them?

  2. Feeling like a failure, yet again?

  3. Trying yet another program that doesn't work at all or does for a while until it doesn't?

  4. Starting over, again?

If this is you, I was you!!! ​80% of the time I felt like crap! I made small strides but seemed to always take 3 steps back. Until I finally unlocked the code. I finally figured out what was wrong! Guess what? It wasn't me and it isn't you! It is every lie and piece of misinformation we were fed since childhood. Ugh!! 

Are you ready to:

  1. Wake up feeling rested, maybe even before your alarm?

  2. Stop burning out at 3pm in desperate need of caffeine?

  3. Spend more time having fun instead of in the bathroom or in pain?

  4. Never go on another diet again?

Then what are you waiting for? Keep it REAL with me and we will get you ALL of this and MORE!

In this 1:1 program you will learn how to:

  • Dive deep into what is making you feel crappy 💩

  • Discover your personalized food freedom and a life with no more diets! 🍫 

  • Release the beliefs and trauma you have around food, body image and self worth 💫 

  • Unpack ways you enjoy moving your body without a gym and endless hours working out. 💃 

  • Love your whole self! Your body, your mind and your life! 💞 

  • Unleash the power of your mind! ✨

  • Understand the impact of your environment on your health 🌎 

  • Feel great WAY MORE OFTEN! 😊 

And the best part is, you don't have to wait! You can step into your best life RIGHT NOW! Are you ready?

The Choice Is Yours

Don't let your past keep you from your best life!


What You Get

YOUR LIFE BACK!!! but also over 3 months:

  • 8 virtual 50 mins personalized 1:1 sessions (phone or video)

    • weekly for 1st 4 weeks, then bi-weekly​

  • Session review notes with everything we discussed

  • Homework + goals between each session

  • Personalized recipes, resources, tips + affirmations

  • Unlimited messaging support via the Voxer app

  • Deep discount on additional sessions + support


Payment plans always available. Let's stop finances from being your barrier to wellness.

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