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Apple Dessert Nachos

I often get the question about my #1 tip for kicking your sugar habit to the curb. 🍬 I am a HUGE fan of cutting out or taking breaks from this additive substance that causes:

❌ Energy Crashes

❌ Weight Gain

❌ Weakened Immune System

❌ Tooth Decay

❌ Stress

❌ Constant Cravings

❌ Insomnia

❌ Low Energy

❌ Premature Aging

Aside from all of these crappy side effects, sugar hides in nearly EVERYTHING! Here are just a few places you will find it.

❌ Cereal

❌ Condiments, like salad dressing, mayo, tomato sauce and ketchup

❌ Yogurt

❌ Dried Fruit

❌ Crackers

Ok, seriously… do we need sugar in mayo? In ketchup? Does fruit really need MORE sugar?? The answer is HELL NO 🙅‍♀️

BUT, when you to give up this sneaky jerk, you crave it like crazy! So what can you do?

✔️ Wean yourself off - Perhaps take it one meal at a time and be kind to yourself.

✔️ Swap all sugars for REAL maple syrup🍁 the healthiest of all sweeteners.

✔️ Make these amazing APPLE NACHOS!!🍏 Fruit is a great way to soothe that sugar craving!

Can you go a day without sugar?

The recipe:

It is so simple and totally customizable!

  • Grab your favorite apple and cut it into thin large slices like shown in the picture

  • Spread a nut butter of choice. You can also use coconut butter

  • Top with dried fruit*, shredded coconut*, chocolate chips* and/or nuts*! There are no rules! This recipe is about your cravings!

  • Snap a photo and show me your creation!!!

Be sure to check the labels on all your packaged foods. Make sure there is no added crap! No crappy oils like soybean, canola or grapeseed oil. Also make sure there are no added sugars or preservatives. They are not needed or welcome on this snack (or ever 😉 ).

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