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Sleep Hygiene 101

🥱 Do you struggle to fall or stay asleep? Are you restless at night?👇

At the surface level, poor sleep is linked to::

💤 Weakened Immune System

💤 Increased anxiety + depression

💤 Excess weight gain

💤 Elevated levels of stress

💤 Increased risk of heart disease

💤 Longer healing duration for colds and sickness

Sounds awful right? But what the hell are suppose to about???? 🤷‍♀️ Especially if you want to sleep + sleep well yet just can’t seem to win the battle?

The battle started for me when I was a teenager. I would stay up all hours of the night + maybe get an hour or two of sleep. I would plow through the next day because I was “tough”. Yet I was experiencing very elevated stress + constant brain fog which meant it took 2 or 3x as much effort to accomplish something than if I had just slept. But I COULDN’T!!!

Then, the solution was thought to be Melatonin, St. John’s Wort + Kava Kava. It was never brought to my attention that my habits + practices (or lack of) may be the cause of some of my sleep struggles.

This cocktail of supplements worked for a while but not long term. Over the years, I have learned, I am not the only one dealing with these struggles and desperately wanting an answer.

So, I dug in + this is what I found:

📱 Our phones + TVs are massive barriers to sound sleep!!!

🛏 We want to be in control of your schedule and make too many changes to when we sleep.

🤔 Most of us don’t know how to turn our brains off or the volume down.

☕️ We are all hyped up on caffeine.

🧘‍♀️There isn’t much any of us do to decompress.

Habits + Practices:

Screenshot this list of habits + practices and see if you can slowly add the ones that resonate with you into your life. Stay positive. Be patient + notice.

  • Sleep at night

  • Ditch screens at least 1 hour (preferably 2) before bed

  • Make your room + body cool

  • Read a light-hearted book

  • Consider taking a magnesium supplement

  • Do a guided meditation

  • Use a sound machine

  • Write down your thoughts

  • Avoid caffeine

  • Drink herbal tea

  • Take 3 deep breaths

  • Waterfall inversion

  • Journal your thoughts out

My newest habit. I set my phone to do not disturb + leave it in a different room at night to charge. 🙌 This has been a GAME CHANGER!!

When all else fails:

  • If these don’t work for you, ask yourself :


  • Am I NOT letting myself feel my feelings?

  • Am I NOT processing an event that happened or is currently happening in my life?

  • What new or excess stress do I have in my life right now that could be keeping me awake?

  • What is on my mind?

  • What am I doing to take care of myself?

Grab your journal or someone you trust + GET IT ALL OUT!! Write about:

  • Your stress

  • What is going on in your life

  • What is on your mind

  • Your to do list for tomorrow

  • Anything you don't want to forget in the morning

📣Remember rest is better than no rest - if you can’t sleep, focus on resting.

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