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4 Ways to Show Up For Yourself This Week

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

When we think about getting healthy and your overall wellness, most of us go straight to thinking about food and fitness right?

If I ate better, I would be healthier.

If I exercised more, I would be healthier.

But what about you as a whole? As a person! Your mind and soul need to be healthy too, right?

It is easy to focus on the other areas because most of us find it easier to identify what we shouldn’t do and want we shouldn’t eat instead of how we should be showing up for ourselves.

Here are 4 Ways You can show up for yourself this week and prioritize truly taking care of YOU!

  1. Say No! I know, I am way better at telling you to do this than I am at doing it. It is hard. But this week, set a boundary, tell someone not this week or flat out, not in this lifetime. If it doesn’t add to the life you are building for yourself, why do it?

  2. Take 5 Minutes to sit with yourself! AT LEAST! If you can find time for more, do it. But c’mon you’ve got 5 minutes. You had five minutes to find this post and read it! Whenever you find it, sit with yourself. Maybe you meditate, maybe your journal. Maybe you wake up 5 minutes before the kids, make your coffee and sit with the warm cup in your hands before your day begins. Whatever you do, just show up for yourself! Double awesome if you can do this first thing in the morning, because how your day is going to go is determined by you in the first 5 minutes. Why not choose AWESOME everyday?

  3. Call a friend and just talk. I know, who picks up the phone and dials a number anymore? So old school, right? But doing this has been proven to make us happier, reduce stress, increase our sense of belonging and help us cope with this crazy roller coaster we are on. One of my oldest friends calls me every Wednesday night after work and not only does it help us stay close and up to date on each other’s lives, it also helps us work through any troubles and laugh at the similar obstacles we face, like silly dog behaviors.

  4. Have a plan free weekend! I know, we are living in a pandemic and the last several months were probably pretty boring at times. BUT instead of planning everything, be ready for the spontaneous instead! Maybe a friend you don’t get to see often reaches out, or you realize a sunrise hike on Sunday would be perfect! Whatever you do, go slow and stop to smell the flowers.

Which ways will you show up for yourself this week?

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